Meet  The Team 

Mark  Sales Director 

Alongside his wife Katie, Mark founded Adversa Recruitment in May 2017 with a vision to provide a “world-class customer service” for both candidates and clients. Mark holds an LLB Hons Law Degree with a focus on Contracts Law, served in the HM Forces as an Intelligence Analyst, and worked for NATO as a Contracts and Procurement Manager. In addition, Mark has been working in Public Sector Recruitment since 2012 so brings with him a wealth of experience. While always cracking a joke and raising spirits in the office, Mark is a passionate leader of the Sales side of the business and encourages everyone to work hard and smash our targets. 
Favourite Value: Hard-Work. From a young age, I was taught that all I needed to succeed was half a brain and the ability to work harder than everybody around me… so far, I’m hoping that it has worked! 
Hobbies: I enjoy having a laugh and living life to the fullest! And one of my favourite hobbies is annoying my wife and three children with my hilarious jokes and trying on every occasion to bring a smile into their lives! I also enjoy beating both Lewis and Freddie at golf, definately one of my favourite past times... 

Katie  Compliance and Operations Director 

Alongside Mark, Katie founded Adversa in May 2017 and is responsible for the Compliance Department, the Accounts Department, and the general running of the business. She works closely with all teams to ensure that everything runs correctly and efficiently and is always on hand to help out where needed. Katie and Mark are always working together to make a variety of decisions for the business to make sure Adversa continues as a happy and successful company. Everyone at Adversa knows that Katie is the highly organised brains of the operation, and we all look up to her as a role model, being an incredible Mum and business owner at the same time. One of her many accomplishments is being crowned the Silver Winner for Business Woman of the Year 2021 at the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards!  
Favourite Value: Respect. I feel that this is a value that is core to the business as having respect for people - your colleagues, customers, clients, and candidates - is so important in order to achieve success. Having respect for others means listening to their opinions and input, accepting advice, and working together. 
Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my son grow and learn new things, as this time is precious, and I don’t want to miss anything! 

Gurdeep  Sales Manager 

Gurdeep joined the team in February 2019 as a Consultant on our Social Care desk with 6 years of previous recruitment experience, and therefore quickly worked his way to a Senior position. Gurdeep currently manages the busy Sales Team, regularly reviewing performance to maximise sales and smash targets, while still managing his own pool of candidates. He is a confident, competent, and nurturing leader for the whole team at Adversa. 
Favourite Value: Teamwork. Growing up I was always playing sports and participating in competitions and leagues, so I learned very quickly it was a vital part of winning and losing. It is important to work as part of a team and have a competitive edge, not just for myself but to motivate others around me to share our common vision. Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much more. 
Fun Fact: I have done a three-day trek through the Himalayan mountains. 

Sophie  Senior Compliance Officer 

Sophie came to us from a Social Care background in March 2019 and took no time to learn the ropes and quickly progress into a Senior role. Her previous experience and excellent organisation skills makes her the perfect addition to work with our Social Care Consultants, and head up the whole Compliance Team. 
Favourite Value: Teamwork. As I come from a Care Assistant background, I have always worked hard and had a team-work mentality. I find that no matter where you work, you have to work as a team to get a job or task done to the best of your ability. All that Adversa has accomplished since being established shows just how well we all work together as a team. 
Hobbies: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, going out for meals and drinks with friends, reading horror/detective books and watching a good series. 

Francesca Senior Finance Officer  

In September 2019 Francesca came to Adversa with finance and administrative experience, so began her career as a Business Support Officer. Francesca’s careful and considerate approach meant her strengths and specialism in finance were clear, and a determination to learn has led her to continually develop these skills and knowledge over time. 
Favourite Value: Individual Accountability. It ensures we take ownership of our work and achieve standards that we are proud to put our names by. 
Hobbies: Outside of work I dabble in various hobbies such as reading, writing, gaming and arts and crafts, but when I get the chance I also enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling. I’ve also recently started aerial fitness, trying static trapeze and aerial hoop classes. 

Hayley  Compliance Officer 

Our final addition within 2021, Hayley joined Adversa in September after graduating from University earlier that year with a Psychology degree, and works behind the scenes to process pre-employment documents and right-to-work checks. Skills gained in customer service roles and her naturally hardworking personality means Hayley is a natural within this position. 
Favourite Value: Teamwork. I think that you can only be as good as your team, and learning from others is a super valuable skill to have. You can only get to a certain level by yourself, and you need strong team members to push you further. 
Hobbies: In my spare time, I love to bake and cook. I like to try new challenges, like the ones on Bake off. I also love to chill with a film on and spend time with my important people. 

Lucy  Compliance Officer 

Lucy joined our team at the beginning of January 2022 as a much-needed addition to our busy and fact-paced Compliance Team. As a graduate with an impressive first-class degree in English and experience in various customer-facing and administrative roles, Lucy’s skills within communication, collaboration and determination are clear and make her a perfect fit for this position. 
Favourite Value: Transparency. I believe that if everyone is honest and accountable then it allows us to build better relationships, and so ensures a productive and respectful working environment. 
Hobbies: I like to fill my spare time with lots of creative hobbies. I particularly enjoy reading, sketching, dancing and playing the piano. I also love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, usually hiking with my family. 

Rob  Senior Recruitment Consultant - Social Work 

Beginning his career in music and comedy after completing an Arts and Festival Management degree, Rob made the move into to recruitment a few years ago, with experience specifically in private Social Care recruitment. Rob moved back to his hometown in August 2021 and has since been a great addition to our Social Care desk and a valuable member of our team. In October 2022, Rob gained a well-deserved promotion to Senoir Recruitment Consultant. 
Favourite Value: Teamwork. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. Ultimately, it took the work of 400,000 people to get Neil and Buzz on to the moon - no way Neil and Buzz could have done that themselves. 
Hobbies: I always keep my ear to the ground for the next new band and love going to live shows. Little tip for you, stand next to the sound man! 

Freddie Recruitment Consultant - Social Work 

Freddie joined our ranks in March 2023 after a career as aprofessional footballer! Playing for teams like Luton, Bristol City and Wrexham, we consider ourselves lucky not to have missed the transfer window with Freddie! Now working within our Qualified Social Work Team, Freddie is helping match some of the best Social Workers on the Market with their dream jobs. 
Favourite Value: Team work. Coming from a background of sport, I’ve learned that the best working teams tend to get the best results. Teams that work well are fun environments to be involved, you naturally breed positivity and want to work better and harder when everyone is working to the same goals. 
Hobbies: I still kick a football around (When my body lets me) and have a new found enjoyment of using a gym. I also enjoy swinging a golf club around on a sunny day and definitely look forward to my post round pint! 

Laura  Recruitment Consultant - Administration 

Laura joined our team in January 2023 to work on the Administration, Business Support and Professional Services desk. Laura has a strong backgound in dental nursing and customer service. With her committment and passion with building strong relationships with both candidates and clients, Laura is a perfect fit for the administration desk. 
Favourite Value: Respect. Whether you respect yourself or others, the concept is the same: it’s a way of showing that you value someone. Mutual respect is so simple yet so hard to achieve. There are many different reasons to respect someone, but the most important thing is that it’s the right thing to do. 
Hobbies: I love nature and animals, so most of my time I spend travelling and with my two dogs and cats. I collect books and play pétanque. Gym and good music are also part of my daily routine.  

Daniel  Recruitment Consultant - Social Care 

With extensive previous recruitment experience, Daniel hit the ground running in January 2021 as an addition to our Social Care desk. Sourcing Care Assistants and Support Workers daily, whilst also co-ordinating shifts for existing candidates, Daniel can cope under pressure with a high volume workload with great professionalism. 
Favourite Value: Transparency. When I speak with candidates and clients, I like to be clear and honest with the job specification, hourly rates, fees, location and all the requirements that they need to meet. 
Hobbies: Walking the dog in the middle of nowhere, hiking and socialising with people. 

Mike (CertRP)  Recruitment Consultant - Construction 

Mike began his career in recruitment with us in January 2021 after a period of time in customer support. Mike works round the clock to liaise with candidates and clients to co-ordinate interviews and placements within the construction sector, and his approachability allows him to build excellent relationships with everyone he works with. To add to his achievements, in May 2022 Mike successfully acquired a Certificate in Principles of Recruitment Practice after many months of hard work.  
Favourite Value: Transparency. I try to be as honest as I can when I work and towards my candidates. I always do the best I can to help get them work and feel like I am very open and honest with my candidates and clients. What you see is what you get! 
Fun Fact: I used to race 125cc karts at Championship level at the same track Lewis Hamilton started at. 

Lewis Recruitment Consultant - Construction 

In January 2022 Lewis joined Adversa Recruitment in a Recruitment Assistant role, seeking a change from a successful career as a Personal Trainer at a health spa. His aptitude for hard work and a desire for smashing targets and gaining career satisfaction led Lewis to take an interest in recruitment, and just six months into the role he received a well-deserved promotion to a Consultant on our Construction & Labour desk. 
Favourite Value: Hard work. This is my favourite value because without it no one would be successful. I feel I demonstrate this myself by putting 100% into everything I do and generally being quite a competitive person too! 
Hobbies: My favourite things to do are walking my dog, socialising with friends and family and training at the gym. I also enjoy beating Freddie at golf, and then enjoying a post round pint... 

Ina Recruitment Consultant - Social Work 

Ina initially came to Adversa Recruitment in July 2021 through the Kickstart Scheme. She grew in confidence and competence every day, and has recently found a particular speciality on the Social Care desk. We are very pleased that Ina finished her 6 month placement with us and stayed on as a permanent member of staff, who is now currently a Social Work Consultant. 
Favourite Value: Transparency. I feel like being honest is a crucial part of building any sort of relationship and this is no different with our candidates. They will appreciate and feel like you're being genuine and want what's best for them. 
Hobbies: I enjoy gaming and being around the people I love and make me laugh the most. There's no better feeling than that uncontrollable laughter. 

Remy (CertRP) Apprentice Recruitment Assistant 

Remy joined our team in September 2022, straight from finishing school with an impressive set of A-Level results. Her career with us will begin with an Apprenticeship on the Recruiter Development Programme, due to hopefully achieve her CertRP in late 2023. Remy will be using the knowlege gained in this apprenticeship and her friendly, hardworking attitude to help out our Consultants on every department, gaining a well-rounded wealth of experience. 
Favourite Value: Hard Work. Throughout life there has always been people who are quite naturally intelligent and find certain tasks a lot easier than others. Me not being one of those people, I understood the importance of an individual working hard not only to level the playing field, but also to achieve their greatest successes. I know I can achieve anything if I believe it and have the desire to work my absolute hardest. 
Hobbies: In my spare time I really enjoy playing with my two puppies, Hudson and Bonnie. I also love a good horror film or drama series to watch at the weekend with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 

Paris Recruitment Assistant - Social Care 

Paris joined the Adversa team in March 2023 coming from a customer service background. Paris's customer service approach and her dedication to ensure her candidates are left feeling very well looked after will be a great strength in her recruitment career! 
Favourite Value: Individual accountability. I like this value because I think everyone needs to take responsibility for the things they do. If that involves making mistakes, you will learn from them and get better. If you don't own them, then you'll never grow. 
Hobbies: In my spare time, I love spending time with my baby dog, Monti (who isnt a baby, hes 4) and giving him lots of cuddles. I also love watching series with my boyfriend, falling asleep, and then asking what happened when he says I should have payed attention. Having my dad wind me up because he misses me is also something to enjoy I guess!! 

Stanley Emotional Support Assistant 

Stanley joined our squad in June 2021 and has recently become a full-time member of the team! Stanley performs the role of Emotional Support Assistant providing hugs, cuddles and entertainment throughout the day! If another employee is feeling stressed out, then taking Stanley out on a walk is a great way of decompressing! 
Hobbies: In my spare time I really enjoy going on long, muddy walks. Rain, snow or sun, it doesnt bother me!! I also enjoy cuddles, some people may call me "needy" but... I prefer the word "loving"... Chasing bubbles is also pretty entertaining!!! 
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